I love this picture! It always gets me thinking of wanting to have a healthy life and a good healthy diet. 

I came a cross a site today about the green coffee bean (http://www.caloriecounterintl.com/best-fat-burner/) It has some pretty bold claims. Head over there and see for yourself it may be the answer for you! 

If you have been a yo yo dieter this may be the last diet you ever try. give it a whirl and see for your self at least head over there to see what this is all about! :-)

For more details on the green coffee bean check out this article as well.. it should hel you really understand this amazing natural product! http://health.usnews.com/health-news/blogs/eat-run/2013/08/01/green-coffee-bean-extract-helpful-or-all-hype

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Some pretty cool life hacks.

I LOVE the bagel trick!!!

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A Bit morbid dont you think??

A Bit morbid dont you think??

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